Now you can listen to your baby’s heartbeat in the privacy of your home! Thanks to Fetal Doppler Monitor  technology.

Expectant mothers are now able to form a special bond with their baby even before birth. Foetal dopplers gives some assurance about the health of the baby and  help relieve some of the stress associated with the unknowns of early and late pregnancy.

With Fetal Doppler Monitors you can hear the sound of your baby’s heart beat as early as 8 – 12 weeks into pregnancy.

Some of these dopplers give not only the baby’s audio sound but also a digital display of the fetal heart rate in beats per minute (BPM).  You can also record the baby’s heartbeat to your computer/CD and e-mail friends, family, or your doctor so they can listen to your baby’s heart rate too.

Most home fetal doppler monitors are hand-held ultrasonic devices. The kit usually comes complete with the fetal doppler itself, a probe, ultasound gel and battery. Once powered, you apply some gel on your pregnancy bump, then place the probe on the bump and you are ready to hear, record and view the joy of pregnancy.

Fetal dopplers use ultrasonic technology which has been available since the late 1950s and has thus far proven to be one of the safest means available for obtaining necessary health information about unborn babies. While tests are continually conducted by manufacturers and government bodies,results in the past have indicated no adverse side effects.

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Using Angelsound Fetal Doppler Baby HeartBeat Monitor To Listen to Fetal HeartBeat:

How to use the Fetal Doppler Hi-BeBe Baby HeartBeat Monitor To Listen to Fetal Heart Rate

Hi Bebe Fetal Doppler Baby Heartbeat Monitor

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